Prayer Bulletin 12

The daily bulletins for are compiled each night in a small coastal town in the West of England, on the shores of the Bristol Channel.  Our town does not usually feature in the headlines.  It is a seaside resort and its name is Weston-super-Mare. Today, it has been in the headlines and national television […]
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Prayer Bulletin 11

Yesterday, our opening message was a wide-ranging prayer for all the bishops (many of whom acknowledge that they are now very tired people). Today, we ask you, once again, to focus prayer on Archbishop Rowan. Monday looks as though it could be a pivotal day in the Conference. Rowan will have heavy responsibility in delivering another […]
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Prayer Bulletin 10

Many of the bishops have opportunity to enjoy local worship today (though some have ministry responsibilities.)  Not surprisingly, many of them are commenting as to how t.i.r.e.d they feel.  So this 'editorial' is simply an encouragement for us to uphold the Conference delegates, both in our personal prayers and in the places where we worship. […]
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Prayer Bulletin 09

John Wimber packed a great deal into the years between his conversion in 1963 and his death in 1997.  One of his memorable sayings was: ‘Your brother is not your enemy’. This teaching was linked with Ephesians 6:10-18 in which St Paul reminds the church of the true nature of our warfare and identifies our […]
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Prayer Bulletin 08

Since the first Lambeth Conference, in 1867, things have certainly changed vastly. A century earlier, Voltaire memorably observed that the English bishops were “forced to content themselves with one wife only, and that generally their own”. Certainly the Conference organisers were not expecting more than one spouse per bishop!   And nowadays the Conference is beset […]
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Prayer Bulletin 07

Thursday is an exciting  'rest day' for the bishops and their wives.  That is, if you can call restful: an early start, followed by a long coach ride, a March of Witness in central London, lunch at Lambeth Palace, a Garden Party at Buckingham Palace, and the a long coach journey back to Canterbury. It […]
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Our 'significant role'...

'I am very pleased SOMA, along with Crosswinds, have organised this prayer initiative during the Lambeth Conference.

The Archbishop of Canterbury The Most Revd Rowan Williams

It is an important time for us in the Anglican Communion and this group of people who commit to pray for us during our meetings will play a significant role behind the scenes.

My thanks to all who have helped set up'

Prayer Pointers

Every ten years, Anglican bishops from around the world meet to share, pray and have fellowship, at the invitation of the Archbishop of Canterbury. 

SOMA UK and Crosswinds Prayer Trust are co-ordinating briefings to inform and equip like-minded people who wish to cover this 2008 event with prayer. 

If you would like to participate, please add this page to your favourites and consider signing up for the email briefings.

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