Prayer Bulletin 18

As we have compiled and distributed this prayer bulletin each day, we would like you to know that SOMA & Crosswinds Prayer Trust are much indebted to many people who have made up the team-work over Lambeth’s 21 days. We have had our own SOMA Lambeth team on the ground at Canterbury, providing daily information […]
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Prayer Bulletin 17

Who are the dissidents? Dr Williams believes that “speaking from the centre in Christ” means being willing to put aside the fact that you believe the other to be “wrong”, and focus on why the other believes what he or she believes.  In his Presidential Address this week, he gave an eloquent description of the […]
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Prayer Bulletin 16

As Lambeth reaches its closing stages, it looks as though schism has been avoided, but unity not achieved. No ‘quick fix’ solution to the profound disagreements is in prospect. But the distant horizon is a tad less stormy, if the ‘Covenant mechanism ’ is allowed to generate the profound corrections that are vital. Rowan Williams […]
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Prayer Bulletin 15

Anglican identity crisis? The issues before the bishops at Canterbury have been soft-focused, by some commentators, into the question ‘Can we recognize the ‘Church’ in one another?  Or to put it another way, ‘Do we see Christ in each another’? One influential background fact, not widely reported, is that no less than 70% of the […]
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Prayer Bulletin 14

This Bulletin provides an opportunity to read, for yourself,  the passionate address delivered by Archbishop Rowan Williams on Tuesday evening. Most of the media have provided summaries, only a few honourable exceptions have done more.   The primatial address is eloquent and powerful.  But will it be effective? In Bulletin 12, a comparison was made between the […]
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Prayer Bulletin 13

The much anticipated Second Presidential Address by the Archbishop of Canterbury to the Conference was finally delivered on Tuesday evening. In a powerful address, Rowan Williams appealed to the bishops at Lambeth: 'At the moment, we seem often to be threatening death to each other, not offering life,' he said. 'What some see as confused […]
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Our 'significant role'...

'I am very pleased SOMA, along with Crosswinds, have organised this prayer initiative during the Lambeth Conference.

The Archbishop of Canterbury The Most Revd Rowan Williams

It is an important time for us in the Anglican Communion and this group of people who commit to pray for us during our meetings will play a significant role behind the scenes.

My thanks to all who have helped set up'

Prayer Pointers

Every ten years, Anglican bishops from around the world meet to share, pray and have fellowship, at the invitation of the Archbishop of Canterbury. 

SOMA UK and Crosswinds Prayer Trust are co-ordinating briefings to inform and equip like-minded people who wish to cover this 2008 event with prayer. 

If you would like to participate, please add this page to your favourites and consider signing up for the email briefings.

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